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Do a Better Job of Doing Your Job

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Get your job done right with an IT certification.There are a lot of different reasons to get certified. Many employers offer better pay to employees who enter the workplace with one or more cert, or get one while on the job. And if you're considering a new career direction, then there's no better way to build a new IT skill set, or enhance an existing one. Many (if not most) working professionals, however, also view certification as a tool to directly improve their job performance. Certification Magazine asked cybersecurity professionals in a recent survey to name the most important benefits, other than the potential for increased salary, of getting a certification. The top three answers:

  • Become better qualified to hold a future job
  • Become better qualified to hold a current job
  • Become eligible for a workplace promotion

In the same survey, 79 percent of respondents said that, at their current job, they use skills "learned or enhanced" through certification either several times a day (47 percent) or several times a week (32 percent). Not only that, but 66 percent said they either agree (42 percent) or strongly agree (24 percent) that certification increases workplace productivity, while 68 percent either agree (41 percent) or strongly agree (27 percent) that certification increases problem-solving skills.

At TestOut Continuing Education, we feel like we couldn't have said it any better. Doing better work in the real world is a big selling point for TestOut training. We don't want you to just pass a test. We want you to show up at your current job, or step into your next one, with actual work-ready experience. After you complete our CompTIA A+ training, or our CompTIA Security+ training, you'll walk into work feeling like you just unlocked a secret power-up. You'll be able to contribute on your first day at a new job.

A certification will look good on the résumé you take to your next job interview. A respected credential can help you get a raise or a promotion. And the process of earning a cert keeps your learning skills strong. More than almost anything else, however, certification should make you better at getting IT done. With TestOut CE training, it will.

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