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Patrick Bukowski: CCNA Extraordinaire

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Not Patrick Bukowski: He's way handsomer than this guy.At TestOut Continuing Education, our mission is to make a difference in a person’s life through education using breakthrough technology. We take our mission so seriously that every decision we make must answer the question: What is best for the student? Obviously what is best for the student is to provide them with the best training, at the best price, to enable them to earn their IT certification. That is our bottom line, and that’s why it’s rewarding to hear from students who succeed. If our products have helped you succeed in your certification goals, we want hear about it!

One of our valued customers is Patrick Bukowski, an engineer working for an IT consulting company in Nebraska. He recently shared a bit about his certification journey:

“In 2013 when I first started out to achieve my A+ certification, I took a class through a community college that was textbook-based and had limited labs. In May of 2014, at the end of the course, my instructor told me that I was ready for the A+ exam and would be fine. I took the exam and barely passed, receiving a 650 on the 801 — 650 is the minimum score needed to pass.

“I took the 802 immediately after the 801 and bombed. After I failed, I went through a free online video class, took notes and then went to take it again — I failed again, by one question.

“It was not until I got into TestOut’s LabSim, to get the needed hands-on experience, that I finally passed with a 94 percent! Immediately after my A+, I went through TestOut’s Network Pro course. After taking the practice exams until I regularly scored 90 percent or better, I passed my Network+. TestOut’s materials have helped me immensely in passing the certifications I need as a network administrator.”

While there are a lot of good reasons for students to utilize TestOut training, Bukowski explained that what he likes best about the LabSim platform is the structure it provides, with videos, labs and quizzes for each section. “You can sit there and read a book, but that will not get you ready for the modern exam formats,” he said. “I like that you have to pass the labs and quizzes before you move on, and achieve a 95 percent on the practice test before you take the official exam.”

Obtaining any certification is an achievement, and it’s a great feeling knowing that we helped. Incidentally, Bukowski isn’t resting on his laurels. He recently took TestOut’s Routing and Switching Pro course, and just last weekend passed his CCNA exam. Then in real stand-up move, on the Monday after passing his CCNA, he convinced a coworker to sign up for our training as he works towards his own CCNA.

Hats-off to you Patrick Bukowski! Thanks for letting us play a role in your success.

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