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Make the Most of Your Certification Ticket

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Did you know it's an election year? Not just any election year, mind you. Later this year, U.S. voters will head to the polls to decide whether it's time to Make America Great Again, or whether we're better off seeking to become Stronger Together. Of course, there are still some diehards out there hoping that we might have A Future to Believe In instead of getting Stronger Together, but ... the numbers just don't add up, fellas.

Geo. H.W. and DQ

At any rate, things have gotten to the stage at which it's temporarily most interesting to speculate about who will be the fallback option for each potential presidency. Vice presidents in general and potential vice presidential nominees in particular don't typically get a great deal of attention. At least for a few weeks while primary season is winding down, however, theirs are the hottest names in the national news cycle. Then the candidate draws a name out of a hat, the crowd cheers, the pundits add or subtract points, and pretty soon we all go right back to not really caring all that much.

On the surface, it might seem as though picking an IT certification and training partner is sort of like picking a vice presidential running mate. There are usually a lot of options, and eventually you have to choose one. With presidential campaigns, which someone gets picked is usually not nearly as important as the picking action itself. At the end of the day, people are voting for the candidate, not for the running mate. As long as there actually is a reasonably solid Option B in place, no one really cares, in the long run, who got picked to be Option B.

Where you ultimately decide to turn for your IT certification training materials, on the other hand, can have a HUGE impact on how successful you are. It may seem that every training provider is presenting the same information more or less in the same fashion. TestOut Continuing Education, on the other hand, most definitely is not offering the same old, same old when it comes to your IT certification preparation.

Our LabSim training is crammed with actual IT scenarios that pit your knowledge against real-world job tasks and workplace expectations. Our goal is to help you learn useful skills, not simply memorize multiple choice questions and answers. Pick TestOut CE for your certification running mate, and you won't show up to your first day on the job wondering what you're supposed to make of the instructions left by your new supervisor. TestOut CE is a partner you can count on — not just a flashy name that will bump up your national polling a few points on a lazy weekend in June.

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