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CompTIA A+: Gateway to IT certification

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Get one certification, and you could be on the way to getting many others.Certification, like a lot of other things in life, is not a sprint — it's a marathon. Sure, some people cherry pick a credential or two, then move on with their careers and never look back. Most people who start certifying, however, go back to the well more than once, twice, or even four or five times. And for many, certification becomes a lifelong pursuit. For those people, no certification is ever as exciting as the next one on the list.

With TestOut CE's PC Pro training, you'll be perfectly prepared to get CompTIA's popular and widely recognized A+ certification. Getting the A+ credential is an exciting step for any IT certification path, but you should also know that it's almost never the only step taken. If you get A+, then there's a strong likelihood that you'll be back for more. (Don't worry, more certification = more learning, and more learning is always a good thing.)

We recently got some very solid numbers to back this up from our friends at Certification Magazine. At the end of 2014, CertMag's annual Salary Survey tracked 264 IT pros just in the United States who hold CompTIA's A+ credential. A mere 16 people in that group (only 6 percent of the whole) hold no other certifications. And 61 percent of them hold five certs or more.

Do you think five certifications sounds like a lot? Out of all U.S. A+ holders in the survey, 24 percent hold 10 certifications or more, and 11.7 percent hold 16 (sixteen) or more certifications. The point is that there's an exciting road to follow that starts with A+ certification. Who knows where you'll go from there? You could end up with 16 (or more!) certifications, and that's not nothing. (It's 16. Or more. We think that's pretty impressive. Could you tell?)

So get started on the road to A+ (and beyond) with TestOut CE's PC Pro training. There's no telling exactly where you'll end up, but IT pros are in demand and certification will help you stand out.

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