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The Key to Your IT Career

Posted by TestOut Staff on

TestOut CompTIA A+ training.To get into a locked room, you must have a key to the door. A key is a carefully shaped object with incisions cut to fit the mold of a lock. A specific lock will only welcome a specific key. In its adjective form, the word key means “of paramount or crucial importance.”

The key to an IT career is CompTIA's popular A+ certification, which is often seen by employers as being of crucial importance. This certification unlocks the door to most entry level security positions. (Know what the key to getting A+ is? That's right: CompTIA A+ training from TestOut.)

In a 2013 post to CompTIA's old IT Careers Blog, a number of different security professionals cited A+ certification as playing a decisive roled in building their career. Linda Smith transitioned from a 20-year career as a security officer into a job at ASI as a senior installer.

“I graduated from Per Scholars (where she received her certification training) in the beginning of February, and by the last week of February, I was hired by ASI,” said Smith. “A+ did help me get the job.”

Many other IT professionals have reported having a similar experience. When reading comments on blog posts, combing through Q&A sites like Quora, and sampling various articles from tech magazines, it becomes clear that the most common praise for A+ is that it boosts confidence.

The confidence comes from the skills developed within the A+ training, namely the ability to troubleshoot. A recent article from explains the outline A+ troubleshooting blueprint:

● Identify the problem.
● Establish a theory of probable cause.
● Test the theory to determine cause.
● Establish a plan.
● Determine system status.
● Make a record.

A brief look at this list gives you a taste of how valuable the skills from this certification can be. Job interviews are grueling, and that extra confidence from these skills will make a world of difference.

So if you’re looking to start an IT, then A+ is the place to start. A+ certification is the key to the door of the IT realm. Once you're inside, only your imagination can limit the possiblities.

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