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5 Things You'll Learn from our Microsoft Network Infrastructure Training

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Perfect practice will help you conquer all IT challenges.Vince Lombardi is revered by many as the greatest football mind to ever coach the game. He’s known for his earth-shaking speeches that could motivate a turtle to finish a 40-yard dash in 4.2 seconds. Lombardi hung his hat, and his nearly 72 percent winning percentage, on the ideals of hard work and diligent practice.

“Practice does not make perfect” Lombardi would say to his players. “Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

This mindset won’t only produce results on a football field. You can succeed in all aspects of life by practicing perfectly. This is particularly true in the realm of IT education and learning. TestOut provides many opportunities for “perfect practice,” with hands-on labs that build professional experience.

For someone wanting to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), here is a list of five things you’ll learn when you use our top-caliber Microsoft certification training to prepare for your Configuring Server 2008 Network Infrastructure – Microsoft 70-642 certification.

1. You'll learn how to configure IPv4 and IPv6 connection settings. IPv6 is the sixth revision to internet protocol which provides unique, numerical IP addresses necessary for device communication. The only difference from IPv4 is that IPv6 uses a 128-bit address.

2. You'll learn how to manage DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) scopes, exclusions, reservations, server and scope options. A DHCP scope is an administrative collection of IP addresses.

3. You'll learn how to configure a DHCP relay agent. Setting this agent up eliminates the computer user's need to ever have to make any TCP/IP settings.

4. You'll learn how to create DNS (Domain Name System) zones and records. This skill helps in the process of translating internet domain names to IP addresses. It’s up to you to generate the hierarchy.

5. You'll learn how to configure LAN (Local Area Network) routing and demand-dial routing. Knowing how to do this will make it possible for you to connect all computers and devices in your work space or office to a server with communication lines.

As important as these skills are, a Microsoft Network Infrastructure certification will teach you many, many more concepts beyond these five. The hands-on training enables perfect execution, execution that would make Coach Lombardi proud.

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