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What Is Your Certification Resolution for 2016?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Start 2016 off right with a certification resolution.In the words of a favorite Christmas carol, "Fast away the old year passes." It will be 2016 before you know it, and a new year brings new possibilities and new opportunities to strive for excellence in IT certification. If you didn't hit your certification mark in 2015, now is the time to think about giving it another shot. And speaking of second chances, one thing that pops up over and over again in the cybersecurity realm is companies and organizations (sometimes even governments) who are begging consumers and constituents for a second chance to do a better job of securing their data.

Our friends at GoCertify just published a list of the most discussed, most impactful Information Security incidents of 2015. It's a great way for anyone with an interest in cybersecurity to look back across the IT landscape of 2015. It's also good reading just generally speaking, since information security is an IT discipline that affects everyone who regularly (or even infrequently) connects to the Internet. There are bad people with sinister intentions out there, and they want your data.

Some IT pros are drawn to the internet cybersecurity battle zone, and if you're one of them, then the state-of-the-art CompTIA Security+ training offered by TestOut Continuing Education can help you gear up to go to war. There are many opportunities for cybersecurity employment, and once your feet are firmly on that career path, you can expect the salary arrow to be pointing up for decades to come.

So if you've only talked about getting cybersecurity certified in the past, resolve now to make 2015 the year that you finally step up to the plate and hit a certification grand slam. The CompTIA Security+ credential is a hiring baseline for the United States Department of Defense, among other entities, so you'll already have a foot in the door with Uncle Sam. On Dec. 31, ring out the old year with a toast among friends, and ring in the new by sitting down at the computer to start your next great certification journey.

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