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Onward and Upward with IT Certification in 2016

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Be a superhero of certification!Unless you count the teeming horde that has conquered the moviegoing realm in recent decades, there are no real superheroes. Everyone comes into the world with some inborn gifts and abilities. We all have areas of expertise where natural aptitude makes us better suited to succeed than the average individual. There are no real superpowers, however, no mutant abilities that rocket us straight to the leading edge of a given career trajectory. If you want to become an expert in your field, then you have to dedicate yourself to getting the necessary education, training and experience to succeed.

Those same general principles apply in the information technology (IT) realm. The most successful IT professionals are the ones who apply themselves. The ones who put in the time required to learn and apply IT principles, and then jump into the long process of acquiring training and putting that into practice at a job in the real world.

Certification can accomplish all three goals at the same time:

  • You can add to your stockpile of education, particularly when it comes to new and emerging technologies.
  • You can also learn the practical application of both new and existing technologies, and train to apply what you know in real-world IT scenarios.
  • With a certification in hand, you’ll be set to get a new job, or move up to a better one. Employers consistently use certification as a hiring benchmark.

So as the calendar turns over from 2015 to 2016, consider setting a goal to get an IT certification in the New Year. With enhanced education and training, you can get the work experience you need to push your IT career to the next level!

We hope that TestOut Continuing Education will be part of whatever you set out to accomplish in 2016. We appreciate having had the opportunity to serve you in 2015, and we hope that you’ll continue to rely on TestOut’s top-caliber training and education products.

NOTE: The IT Insights blog is taking the rest of 2015 off. We look forward to helping your continue to forge a successful career in IT next year. Happy End of 2015, and let’s make 2016 the best year yet!

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