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A Better Way to Salvage Your Career

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Every so often a news story comes along that is just plain bizarre. Earlier this week, for example, an Associated Press reporter relayed the details of the strange case of Tommy Thompson, a former deep sea treasure hunter tied up in an ongoing legal harangue over gold coins lost at sea in 1857. Thompson is believed to have located and salvaged the wreck of the S.S. America, which sank in a hurricane off the coast of South Carolina nearly 160 years ago.

Chest of Gold

Thompson is only believed to have located the wreck because he doesn't presently have the coins (estimated to be worth millions of dollars), which he says were placed in a trust in the coastal Caribbean nation of Belize. He also claims not to remember key details about his involvement with the coins on account of a neurological disorder. Except that a court-appointed psychiatrist believes Thompson is faking his shaky grasp of past events in the case.

This has all apparently been going on for a while: Thompson was found in contempt of court at the end of last year, and is presently under orders to pay $1,000 for every day that he refuses to cooperate with court proceedings. The lesson here is that while almost everyone would probably be thrilled to get something for nothing — and finding lost treasure is right up there with winning the lottery — there are far simpler ways to get ahead in life.

Take TestOut's top-caliber IT certification training. It's much easier to find our training than locate a sunken treasure ship. And even if you find a shipwreck, there's no guarantee of recovering anything from it. TestOut Continuing Education comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. That's right, we're so confident that you'll like our training right away that you can try it out for four weeks and still get your money back if you aren't completely satisfied.

The true reward, of course, is to use the training, get certified and jump into a full-time IT career. TestOut training prepares you to deal with real-world IT challenges. You'll walk into your next full-time job ready to make a positive impact on the first day. You won't ever have to pretend that a neurological disorder is preventing you from doing your job right.

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