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A Day to Remember

Posted by TestOut Staff on

We occasionally shout out some pretty silly national days here at the IT Insights Blog. (Hey, this is a rough gig. YOU try coming up with something new to write about three days a week for an entire year, Mr. Intelligent Trousers.) For example, in additional to being Feb. 27, today is also Anosmia Awareness Day, National Kahlua Day, National Strawberry Day, National Polar Bear Day, and National Retro Day.

Happy Digital Learning Day!

Most of these designations are informal, and many are arranged to either promote awareness of some condition or problem, or rally consumer affection for a product or class of products. Some are lighthearted and fun. Yes, we live in a world that celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19, shiver me timbers). Others are more somber. Anosmia is medical condition in which a person loses their sense of smell.

The point is that we sometimes have to do some impressive stretching to connect whatever day it is back to our core interest in promoting awareness of the IT education and certification world. There's not always a one-to-one correlation. Every once in a while, on the other hand, the connection is fairly obvious. And sometimes the correlation is not just readily apparent, but impossible to ignore.

Such is the case with tomorrow, which in addition to being Feb. 28 is also National Public Sleeping Day, National Chocolate Soufflé Day, National Floral Design Day, National Tooth Fairy Day, National Toast Day, National Chili Day, Rare Disease Day USA, and — wait for it — Digital Learning Day! Digital learning is more or less who we are here at TestOut Continuing Education. It's what we do! It's in our blood!

So as you rise from your bed on Digital Learning Day, think about that next certification you've been meaning to get. And then think about where you could find the best possible courseware to help you prepare. And then it will be more than obvious that what you need to do to celebrate is come see us and fire up a subscription. Happy Digital Learning Day to all, and best of luck with your next big exam!

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