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A Great Place to Work

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Everyone — or at least the subset of everyone who is some level of employee in some organization somewhere — wants to work at a great job. If you have to get up in the morning, take a shower, put on clothes, eat some breakfast, and be at your desk before 8:30, then that desk might as well be somewhere that you generally feel good about going to and being at. It's just better for your overall well being.

 Silver Glance Lake
      See that? That's where the company is going hiking this Friday.

Here's something else that could be better for your overall well being: Why not come work with us? We're all very nice and easy to get along with. If you've been reading the IT Insights Blog for any length of time, then you probably feel like you know us already. Well, a couple of us, anway. The IT Insights Blog is kind of a small cog in a large operation. Which is not to suggest that TestOut Corporation (which owns TestOut Continuing Education) is huge and faceless.

On the contrary, we're what most people would probably characterize as a "small" business. We do great work, though, and we have big ambitions. TestOut has a 25-year record of excellence in the IT certification and training realm, and we are absolutely going to push that to a 50-year record of excellence. Maybe even with your help. Want to be a part of something cool that's on they way up?

Here's what we're looking for:

Does any of that strike your fancy? Here are some other things that may strike your fancy. TestOut has an annual company-wide Halloween costume contest; an annual pumpkin-growing contest; an annual bowling party; annual employee fitness events including a company 5K run, bike ride, and mountain hike; an annual steak fry; an annual full-day trip to Utah's biggest amusement park; and much more!

It's tough to say whether we'd actually be paying you to work for us, or just to come have a good time with us! (OK, yeah, you'd have to do some work.) If you're looking for a company that feels like a family, then look no further. We want you to join our family today!

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