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A Job Well Done

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Earlier today, the the people at Disney who are in charge of movie trailers finally released a teaser trailer for the new Han Solo movie, creatively titled Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you're an objective observer, by which we mean someone whose cats are not named Threepio and Artoo, then you probably shrugged and said, "Could be fun," if you watched the trailer at all. Oh, and if you didn't ... behold:

Perhaps predictably, on the other hand, a great many of the people whose continued existence is more closely tied to Star Wars movies than it is to food and drink are disappointed (to put it mildly). This has gotten us to thinking about how it's probably pretty hard to make a Star Wars movie that everyone is happy about, with Solo being just the latest example of the perils of attempting to walk that road.

It's much easier to, say, work in IT. For example, suppose that you are a gainfully employed helpdesk tech. No one is going to get mad when you fix their computer because the problem that made it stop working wasn't unique and unprecedented. People just want their computer to work — they aren't going to blow a gasket because "well, there's nothing very new or exciting about that."

Maybe you're an IT security administrator and you prevent the spread of an infection by updating the malware definitions of the computers on the company network. You generally don't have to worry that the employees in sales will praise your work, while the marketing team circulates a memo about how these new definitions ruined everything by changing all of the old definitions.

Generally speaking, all that it takes to be the Hero of the Town in IT is to create a dependable product that meets expectations. And that's a great position to be in. One way to assure that you get there is to build up a reliable foundation of IT knowledge and skills with training from TestOut Continuing Education. Our simulation-based training will help you learn processes, not just memorize facts.

You have to please a lot of people who have different needs and expectations when you're making a movie about a beloved fictional character. There are hundreds of different ways to blow it, and only a few that, for most people, will get it right. IT is much simpler. Most people want the same thing, and identifying and providing the solution is straightforward, and given the right skills, easily accomplished.

We won't really know until May 25 whether director Ron Howard and star Alden Ehrenreich did a good enough job with Solo: A Star Wars Story to satisfy most viewers. With tech challenges, you either solved the problem already, or you keep working on it until you figure it out. Either way, it's fairly certain people will appreciate what you've done for them.

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