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A Suite Deal!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

There are a lot of different ways that you could spend your money right now. Assuming, of course, that there's anything left over after you just spent half of what you earn in a month to stock up on beef jerky and energy drinks so that you can spend the next four days in a sleeping bag outside the neighborhood movie theater waiting for the first screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Oh, yeah, bring it on!

Money, money, money

Wait, what? People can buy movie tickets with their phone or computer? And there's assigned seating? So nobody ever, um, "has" to camp out outside a movie theater ever again? You can just buy your tickets ahead of time, pick your seats, and show up at the theater a few minutes before your chosen showtime? You know, technology and convenience can be a real killjoy. Plus what I going to do with a 96-hour supply of Red Bull and Slim Jims?

Yes, indeed, there are better ways to spend both your money and your time in 2017. And 2017 is soon to become 2018, which means that it is an opportune moment to be thinking about goals for personal and professional improvement in the new year. What's it going to take to show the world a better you in 2018? Probably not a dozen cases of Red Bull and a half-pallet of Slim Jims. (Hopefully you stocked up at Costco. #ReturnPolicy).

Our point with all of this is that you can become a better IT professional, and get a better job with a better salary, by upping your IT game through training and certification. And with the TestOut Continuing Education Library Suite, you'll get more IT training and certification than even Paul Bunyan could shake a stick at! For the scandalously low lump-sum price of $495, you can get access to every training and certification course that we offer.

We're not talking about standard one-month access, either. When you buy the Library Suite, all of your training is covered for an entire year. You want to set some hard-hitting, no-nonsense goals for the new year? Want to lean into 2018 and really go for the gusto? If you completed every training course in the Library Suite, you could march into 2019 with a dozen new IT certifications!

Don't be namby pamby about making 2018 a year of IT certification accomplishment. Get the TestOut CE Library Suite while it's cheap — $400 off the usual price of $895! — and start working on achieving a certification milestone today.

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