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A Very Good Place to Start

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Just like the song says, when you read you begin with A-B-C, when you sing you begin with do-re-mi, and when you start learning about computers you begin with, well, what exactly? For most kids these days, it's probably a smartphone or tablet that belongs to Mom or Dad, or maybe even one that is their very own. Today's children have technology in their hands at an age that would have been essentially unthinkable just 40 or 50 years ago.

Skills you can build on

With that sort of early exposure, kids are bound to be more familiar with technology than their peers in past generations. And today's schoolchildren can certainly expect to see more of computers in the classroom than their parents did. Yet there's still a degree to which recognizing and using technology is not really the same thing as understanding it. Even some adults who use computers every day have a working knowledge of technology that's skin deep at best.

There are probably plenty of adults out there who, for whatever reason, didn't use computers very much before entering the workforce. Maybe they know enough to get by from one day to the next, or maybe they're constantly leaning on a younger coworker for advice and tips. That kind of dependence can be embarrassing, but sometimes it's the only way, right? Well, no. There are lots of courses than teach basic computer literacy, and pretty soon there's going to be one more.

That's right, TestOut is preparing to launch, later this year, our very own online training course for anyone who's ever wished they knew more about computers and information technology (IT). Like all TestOut Courses, the forthcoming IT Fundamentals Pro will both help you learn and help you get certified. Once you've completed the course and drilled yourself on its content, you can take our IT Fundamentals Pro exam and get certified.

You'll also have learned everything you need to know to take and pass the ITF+ exam offered by tech industry association CompTIA. Both certifications, IT Fundamentals Pro and ITF+, essentially verify that you have a solid working knowledge of the basics of computer and information technology. From there, you'll be well prepared to build on that knowledge and quickly increase your IT skill set. Sounds good? Circle July 30 on your calendar!

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