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A Winning Combination

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The New England Patriots of 2018 are about one thing, and one thing only: winning football games. Most of the time over the past two decades, they have won far more than they have lost. Since 2001, the Patriots have had a winning record every season, have had the best record in their division (AFC east) 15 times, and have played in seven Super Bowls, winning five.

A winning partnership

On Sunday, they'll be out to improve that five-out-of-seven mark to six-out-of-eight, and the odds would appear to be heavily in their favor. The Philadelphia Eagles will be without their best player, star quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz won over the entire state of "Wentz-ylvania" while leading the Eagles to 11 wins in 13 games before suffering a season-ending ACL tear against the Los Angeles Rams.

Backup QB Nick Foles helped the Eagles win two of their final three games (sitting out a meaningless 0-6 loss to the Dallas Cowboys), then beat the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings to get his team to the Big Game. Foles' success is not likely to matter, however, against the Patriots' all-time NFL juggernaut tandem of star quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick.

New England's Killer Bs, who began their amazing, still unfolding 18-year run with a surprise Super Bowl win vs. the "Greatest Show on Turf"-era St. Louis Rams won't surprise anyone when they add a sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy to their already impressive Super Bowl résumé. Sometimes greatness just can't be contained and even underdogs get swept along in the tide of history.

One thing that's unique about the Patriots' success is that very partnership between coach and player. It's certainly rare, if not entirely unprecedented in professional sports, for a coach and player to work together so successfully over such a long period of time. There's almost no question that Belichick and Brady have achieved more success together than either could have done on his own.

Here at TestOut Continuing Education, we want to create a similarly successful partnership: with you. We're the coach, like Bill Belichick, who provides guidance and teaching. You're Tom Brady. You have all the talent in the world — with the right mentor to mold and channel it properly, there's no level of IT greatness that you can't achieve.

So this Sunday, as you're watching Belichick and Brady's New England Football Winning Machine roll all over the Philadelphia Eagles, picture yourself and your successful IT career rolling all over whatever obstacles have the misfortune to wind up in your path. Then get in touch with us here at TestOut CE and let's put together another great winning partnership.

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