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All Work and No Play

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The TestOut Continuing Education family is not going to show up for work, per se, tomorrow. There is a good chance that most of us will bump into plenty of coworkers, however, more than once throughout the day. That's because all TestOut employees are spending the day together at a popular nearby amusement park.

Roller coaster ride

It's an annual tradition, as summer starts to wind down and the school year looms, for everyone under the TestOut umbrella to take the day off from work and go get dizzy, or wet, or otherwise moderately disheveled from riding roller coasters, waterslides, Tilt-a-Whirls, Ferris wheels, and more. There's ice creams and drinks to keep everyone cool, as well as lunch, dinner, and a drawing for spectacular prizes.

The event is company-sponsored down to the cost of parking, and open to both employees and immediate family members (or personal guests). It's a fun getaway that's both relaxing and a little exhausting to all involved. Actually, the company tradition is that everyone is given the following day off as well (with pay!), to recuperate and bounce back a little from all of the breathless revels and gorging on excellent food and treats.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn't it? (It may interest some to know, in fact, that TestOut is currently hiring for a handful of open positions. Come join the team!) The boisterous outing is a reflection of the generous spirit and fun-loving energy of TestOut CEO Noel Vallejo. It's also smart business policy — employees are a huge investment for any company, and a company party can build positive energy on numerous fronts.

The grind of daily labor can wear down even people who love their jobs and take pride in doing them well. Providing not just a day off from work, but also an exciting outing, lets everyone recharge. And while friendships can and do form and grow in the workplace, getting everyone together in a casual setting with families only strengthens those ties. Not only that, but the amusement park trip is just one fun tradition on a TestOut calendar that's full of them.

If your company doesn't currently have any recreational or celebratory traditions that break up the routine of another day at the office, then maybe this is your chance to become a pioneer of sorts. Talk to your boss or HR rep and find out what the possibilities are. Whether you start small with something like a company-sponsored bowling night, or go for the gusto and rent out a movie theater so everyone can see Star Wars: The Last Jedi together, the positive energy generated will be good for everyone.

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