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Another Suite Deal!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Among his many other admirable qualities, former President Abraham Lincoln of "these United States" is often admired for his well documented sense of humor and fondness for jokes. There's a popular, probably apocryphal story that connects Lincoln and his keen wit to the five-dollar bill long before his face became permanently affixed to that particular mainstay of U.S. currency.

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Legend has it that Honest Abe, during his years of frontier lawyering, once disrupted a court proceeding by whispering some humorous remark or anecdote to a confidant, who promptly burst out laughing. Annoyed, the judge fined Mr. Lincoln $5, then demanded to know what he'd said. Upon hearing the whispered witticism for himself, the judge laughed so hard that he reversed the fine.

It's a good story even if it's not true — and heaven knows there are plenty of tall tales about America's sixteenth president. (For example, ever hear about the time that he supposedly encountered two righteous high school dudes from the future? And one of them turned out to be Keanu Reeves?) Whether or not it has anything to do with why Lincoln's mug is on the $5 bill, well, we're highly dubious.

What matters for our purposes here at TestOut Continuing Education is that Presidents Day is nearly upon us, Abraham Lincoln is one of America's most celebrated presidents, and, yeah, he's on the five-dollar bill. So when we were thinking about what kind of discount offer we could craft to entice visitors to purchase our Library Suite, everything just kind of clicked into place.

The Library Suite, which includes all of the certification courses we offer, is one of our most popular products. In honor of Presidents Day on Monday, we're selling Library Suite subscriptions with a special one-month introductory rate of just $19. In honor of Honest Abe, however, you can drop that already scandalously low price all the way down to just five bucks — five bucks! — with the promo code BPD218.

The monthly rate jumps back up to $79 after your first full month of access. But with the aforementioned promo code (BPD218), you can get your first thirty days for just five smackers. Let's face it, paying $19 would be a truly sweet deal. For $5, we might as well not even charge you, right? (OK, fine, we'll take your money. Even if it's just $5.) Happy Presidents Day, and may your IT training be fruitful.

Note: An earlier version of this post gave the wrong discount code. Use BPD218 to get the discount.

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