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Back in Black

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Black is the absence of visible light; an achromatic color; a symbolic representation of evil, or mourning, or authority (think religious or judicial robes); a philophical boundary; the most common hue of the printed word; and even a longstanding racial and ethnic identifier. That's a lot of responsibility for a single word to shoulder. And somehow or other, in recent years, black has also come to represent huge savings.

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That last is largely on account of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which is typically one of the largest retail shopping days of the year. Everyone in retail sales wants to get a jump on the annual mass hysteria of pre-Christmas consumer spending. And it's just poor taste to be haranguing people about buying stuff for Christmas when we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, you know?

Or maybe everyone just figured that American consumers can't possibly handle preparing for Thanksgiving at the same time as Christmas, in a walk-and-chew-gum sort of way. Whatever the reason, the big kickoff of Christmas purchasing still goes down (more or less) on the morning after Thanksgiving Day. We used the construction "more or less" in that sentence because people are always cheating and trying to move the goalposts.

Take TestOut Continuing Education, for example. Here it is Monday, Nov. 20 — five whole days before anyone is supposed to be messing around with this stuff — and we've already kicked off our biggest promotion of the year, our Black Friday training and certification sale! That's right! TestOut Continuing is both not whistlin' "Dixie" and not about to waste any of your precious time. You want to save on training and certification? Let's get to it!

Our subscription-based IT certification training is typically $79/month, which is a darn good deal all by itself. But from right now until the end of this promotion (Next week sometime, but why wait around?), you can get a month of training for just a single dollar. That's right $1 = 1 month of training. Have we lost our minds?! No, indeed — but you might lose yours if you let this deal pass you by!

What have you got to lose? A stinkin' dollar?! You can't even get a 32-ounce soda refill at the gas station for one stinking dollar. (Trust us. We know.) Make the best possible conceivable use of that single dollar and start your training today!

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