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Big Hero 6

Posted by TestOut Staff on


Lucky Number 6

October is a big month for information security certification. For starters, it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month, also known as NCSAM. (FYI: Some people say that "NAK-sam," while others say it "NIK-sam." There is no clear consensus as to which is the preferred pronunciation.) Another major information security development for October, however, is the release of the newly revamped CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

And because there is a new Security+ exam, there is also brand new TestOut Security Pro training. Security Pro is CompTIA Approved Quality Content, or CACQ. (FYI: Some people say that "KAK," while others say "KAK-kwik." There is no clear consensus as to which is the preferred pronunciation.) What that means is that CompTIA has vetted TestOut's Security Pro courseware and deemed it satisfactory preparation for the Security+ exam.

So our Security Pro courseware will get you 100 percent ready to take and pass the CompTIA Security+ exam. (The exam itself is sold separately, but Security Pro does provide you a 10 percent discount on the cost of your Security+ exam.) In addition to that training, however, you will also be prepared to take and pass TestOut's own Security Pro exam and get our Security Pro certification. It's pretty slick, we know.

The new Security Pro is version 6, which explains that scintillating graphic seen above. So this is not TestOut's first rodeo. We've know the drill, and each time that we overhaul Security Pro, we make it better. We're even a tiny bit faster on the draw than our good friends at CompTIA: The new Security+ exam was officially released today, Oct. 4. TestOut's Security Pro courseware and exam launched yesterday, Oct. 3.

As recent news events have borne out — Et tu, Equifax? — information security is more important than ever. Celebrate National Cyber Security Awarness Month by increasing your own awareness of cybersecurity with the all new TestOut Security Pro.

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