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Black Friday Savings Are Here!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

This holiday season, buy someone you love the gift that truly keeps on giving: full access to TestOut Continuing Education's entire IT training library! Does your loved one need an IT certification? How about 15 certifications?! It's an all-you-can-IT buffet! Or, if you need to do some IT learning of your own, treat yourself! There will still be plenty of money left over in your holiday gift-giving budget to purchase nice gifts for everyone else.

Get TestOut CE training cheap!

According to historical legend, the first Black Friday Sale occurred in 1626, when Peter Minuit and fellow Dutch colonists acquired Manhattan Island from unnamed Canarsie Indians of the Lenape nation for trade goods, mostly beads and trinkets, worth about 60 Dutch guilders. (The equivalent amount in modern currency, famously, is $24.) Cartoonist Gary Larson later commemorated the historic transaction in his beloved comic strip The Far Side.

OK, technically historians believe that Minuit's blowout bonanza bargain buy occurred on May 24, which was a Wednesday. Also, Black Friday, in the sense of consumers seeking out huge discounts by shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, did not become a thing in the United States until the 1950s. And even at that, the practice was not widely referred to as "Black Friday" until the 1980s. So you can see how legends are sometimes unreliable.

The important takeaway from all of this is that TestOut Continuing Education offers full access to its entire training and certification library for $79 per month. Right now, however, during our annual Black Friday blowout, you can get the first month for just $5. You literally can't go see a movie for $5, unless you are going to a theater that charges less than $5 per ticket, and good luck finding one of those, you know? We're practically giving this training away!

Black Friday doesn't even get here until the end of the week, on Nov. 23, but you can already reap the rewards. You should remember to take action soon, however, because this deal will disappear on Dec. 2! Like, technically, you probably don't have to drop everything you're doing and rush to the computer to complete your purchase this instant. There is a deadline, however, and the clock is ticking. Get this deal while it's still red hot!

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