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Can IT Lower Your Rent?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The Information Age gives us something new to marvel over on such a regular basis that it's starting to feel as though there's no problem in the world such that the right application of IT ingeniousness can't provide a solution. Self-driving cars are already on the road, if not yet performing in such a way that they are fully ready to be left to their own devices.

On the road again

Supercomputers are fueling the exploration and study of the genome-editing tool CRISPR/Cas9, which could play a key role in the ongoing fight against such maddeningly cure-resistant diseases as cancer. The sophistication of photography, recording, and transmission technology is already such that we take for granted live video of events unfolding halfway around the world.

Now it could be time for tech to tackle its biggest challenge yet: affordable housing. Come again? That's right. People need homes and apartments that are both high quality and don't cost an arm and a leg to rent or own. (Have you ever wondered about that particular turn of phrase? Like, you know, what happens after the first two months of payments?)

Results of a recent survey posted at The Information suggest that many people are looking to top tech companies to spearhead the search for affordable housing. Perhaps not so much in the sense of, say, inventing cheap, yet sturdy construction materials. We're talking more about solutions like lobbying to change zoning rules, or investing in projects that support affordable housing.

Why should tech companies take a hand? Likely because they have the means and the muscle — as well as being part of the problem. When tech companies build massive business complexes in new places, the influx of workers often overwhelms the existing housing market. So, yeah, maybe you guys could do something to help us out with that.

Is that going to be the way that all problems are solved in the future? With an appeal to either the inventiveness or largesse of America's tech titans? It's at least interesting (and telling) to realize that some people think that way. And it's another reason for anyone who's not yet tech savvy or tech employed to consider getting a makeover. You should be ready to react as IT penetrates all aspects of life.

Certification is a great means of transitioning from being a bystander to and observer of the march of technology, to becoming active participant in it. With the right training products (like those sold right here at TestOut Continuing Education), you can transform your career in a matter of months. If you're on the IT sidelines, then it's time to get in the game. Who knows? You might be the one to engineer a stable self-driving car — or maybe help solve the affordable housing crunch.

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