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Certification Is Not an Impossible Mission

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The numbers are in and moviegoers have spoken. For the second weekend in a row, the No. 1 moving playing at U.S. theaters was Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the sixth film in the long-running series that features Tom Cruise as superspy Ethan Hunt. Ethan Hunt does all kinds of crazy things in Fallout, and since Tom Cruise like to do his own stunts, that means that Cruise himself did a lot of those crazy things, too.

That's what life is like when you're Tom Cruise. You have to do nutty stuff like hang from the edge of a cliff, do a HALO jump over Paris, survive a helicopter crash, drive a car into Rebecca Ferguson's motorcycle, beat people up in a public restroom, team up with Henry Cavill and Henry Cavill's mustache, and jump far enough out the window of an office building to manage to cling to a different building across the alley.

All in a day's work, or at least all in a two-hour movie's work — sometimes the actual work takes longer than a day. For example, Cruise jumped out of a C-17 military transport 106 times to nail the final footage used for a scene in the movie that lasts just a few minutes. That's dedication to the craft, and that's why Tom Cruise gets the big money. Er, well, that's part of it anyway. Hey, who else is gonna put up with that?

Fortunately for all of us in the IT world, you don't have to do crazy things like jump out of a plane that's 25,000 feet above terra firma 106 times to get a certification. Even high-level certs like Red Hat Certified Architect, or VMware Certified Design Expert, don't insist that you live through crazy hijinks like that. On the other hand, it does sometimes take Cruise-esque commitment to succeed. Take TestOut's Pro certifications, for example.

TestOut Pro certs are performance-based, which means that you actually learn to do stuff as opposed to just answering A, B, or C when you use our courseware. And sometimes you don't necessarily learn how to do something right until you've made 104 or 105 prior attempts. There are some lessons that only experience can teach. Want to learn to do something right? Get a TestOut Pro certification.

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