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Certification Shouldn't Be Mysterious

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The world we live in is filled with mysteries both ancient and modern. Who constructed the giant ring of standing rocks now called Stonehenge, and what was its purpose? What became of the Altar of Victory after its final removal from the Senate House in Rome? Did George Washington Snyder's letter to George Washington warning about the Illuminati reveal history's most infamous secret society to America's first president? Or did "Conotocaurious" already know about the Illuminati — because he himself had joined in 1777?


Debate still rages about various conundrums of more recent vintage. Was Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone when he shot and killed President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, or was he merely the handpicked assassin dispatched by some shadowy conspiracy? Did Elvis Presley die of a drug overdose in 1977, or was his supposed demise actually an elaborate ruse perpetrated by a weary celebrity desperate to retire in peaceful obscurity? Is Lavar Ball for real? Does anyone actually purchase Justin Bieber CDs?

We may never know the answers to every pressing question out there. The key pieces to some troubling puzzles are beyond the reach of even advanced technology, and other mysteries are probably less mysterious than some would like them to be. There are, on the other hand, some searches for truth that are easy to conclude successfully. You may have heard, for example, that aspiring IT professionals often claim to hold this or that certification in order to burnish their employment credentials. In some cases, such fibbers even get hired before their deceits are unmasked.

Such shenanigans are harmful to all parties involved. Individuals who claim skills they haven't earned are setting themselves up to fail, and may even wind up staring at the business end of lawsuit. At the same time, credentialing organizations get a bad rap from the perception that their certs don't hold water, and some employers end up suspicious of IT certifications in general. Everyone loses. There are, however, protective measures that can lessen the impact of certification fraud, and some tools that can more or less prevent it altogether.

One important avenue open to those who issue certifications is to provide verification of individual credentials. And that's a service TestOut Continuing Education is proud to offer. Want to reassure a potential employer that your Pro certification is the real deal? It's as easy as jumping online and entering your certificate ID. Verification is available in seconds. If you're an IT employer who has been burned a time or two, then you know how valuable it can be to have a means of quickly and easily confirming applicant certifications.

TestOut CE has a lot of confidence in our Pro certifications. The name of TestOut founder Noel Vallejo is on every credential. And maybe the best verification of the skills we teach is the excellent job performance that TestOut certification holders provide. You can't be certain of that from looking at a résumé, of course. There's no mystery, on the other hand, about whether a TestOut certification is real. You can check that online, in seconds. Because we want you to be able to rest assured that you're hiring the best.

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