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CTE for the Win!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, and are dominating the conversation of many offices throughout the country. In particular, while no one seems surprised that the crass and greedy attempt of the Golden State Warriors to buy a championship by splurging on a gently used Kevin Durant is working, many across the land continue to cheer and respect the patient team building and smart decision making of the Utah Jazz, whose carefully planned and executed rebuild is paying off with a brewing first-round upset of the sputtering Los Angeles Clippers dynasty. The NBA Playoffs are one of the most competitive events in the world, and the 2017 edition is living up to the hype.

Game on!

Each team has a best of seven series to find a way to get a leg up on its competition. Each player on the team has to be at his best, and each team has to have something special to really put them over the edge if they want to compete for a championship.

(Unless you're the Golden State Warriors, who could have doubled down on the undeniable brilliance of last season's 73-win team and probably would have ended up right where they are. Instead of relying on the "something special" that it clearly already had, however, team ownership panicked last June after the Warriors choked away a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Finals to the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers, unceremoniously dumped everyone deemed nonessential personnel, and transferred several truckloads of cash into Kevin Durant's bank account.)

The process of competing for a job is similar in many respects to that followed by teams competing for an NBA Championship. If you want the job, you have to have something special to put you over the edge, and set you apart from the competition. This is where CTE programs can help. Career Technical Education (CTE) programs help IT students transition from the educational arena into a successful career. CTE credits help students prove their worth in the workplace.

Advance CTE, an organization of state leaders who want to connect learning to work, ran a national survey to learn more about the stigma, challenges, and solutions involved in motivating students and parents to consider CTE as an option for their education. The report produced by this survey yielded the following critical data points:

  • More than twice as many CTE parents and students are "very satisfied" with their overall educational experience than parents and students not involved in CTE.
  • CTE parents and students are more likely to be satisfied with the quality of their classes, teachers and opportunities for career exploration
  • Across the board, CTE programs are most valued for their ability to provide real-world skills within the education system, offering concrete and tangible benefits related to college and career success; 
  • Counselors, teachers and CTE students and alumni are among the most trusted sources of information for students and parents alike.

The report also found that:

  • 99 percent of parents of CTE students believe their child is getting a leg up in their career.
  • 82 percent of CTE students are satisfied with their ability to learn real-world skills with their education.
  • 77 percent of CTE students are satisfied with their ability to earn credits toward a certification.

These findings are encouraging to students and their parents who are thinking about enrolling in CTE programs. TestOut training is a fantastic CTE option for students to gain real world experience. TestOut's LabSim online training products are the best way a student can practice real world skills without having a physical working lab.

CTE is the way to get the edge on your competition. It’s time to step up and ensure there is no question that you are the right fit for the job.

Jedi Jake Slater, the Social Media MasterAbout the AuthorJake Slater is the social media manager for GoCertify and a graduate of Brigham Young University. Jake is not a Warriors fan.

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