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Desktop Pro: Get the Facts

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Among the notable births of the year 1988 are Tiffany Two, the world's oldest known house cat (died at age 27 in 2015); Steph Curry, two-time NBA MVP and star point guard of the Golden State Warriors; Adele (birth name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins), singer-songwriter and one of history's top-selling recording artists; and Japan's famous Tokyo Dome sports venue.

Microsoft Office can help you excel.

Also in 1988, Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced the forthcoming release of a new personal productivity suite to be known as Microsoft Office. The first version of Office would bundle together Microsoft Word (on the market since 1983), Microsoft Excel (just a year old at the time), and a still-in-development presentation program to be called Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office didn't actually become available until November of 1990, but its impact on the personal and business computing realms has loomed large ever since. The core trio of original Office apps is still intact, and the addition of Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft OneNote has only added to the functionality and versatility of Office in intervening years.

With Office tools so widely utilized, and so vital to the function of many actual offices, TestOut recognized the need to provide top-quality training that could function in both schools and professional settings to help users learn the many ins and out of Microsoft Office. Thanks to TestOut's LabSim technology, learners can actually learn by doing, practicing new skills as they acquire them.

If you aren't all that familiar with Desktop Pro, then there's an excellent opportunity to find out more about this revolutionary courseware coming up this week. TestOut is hosting a live webinar on Thursday (April 19) from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Mountain). Paul Miller, lead instructional designer of Desktop Pro, and veteran Microsoft Office instructor Suzanne Fell will provide an extensive overview of Desktop Pro.

That's not all: At the conclusion of their presentation, Miller and Fell will respond to your questions about everything Desktop Pro can help you achieve right now, as well as what's in store down the road. Microsoft Office has been a vital element of the modern workplace for almost 30 years. Use Desktop Pro to make Microsoft Office work for you.

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