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Dive Deep with TestOut CE Training

Posted by TestOut Staff on

There are different answers to the question of which human has dived deepest beneath the surface of the ocean. Almost four years ago, longtime scuba instructor Ahmed Gabr dove to a depth of 1,089 feet in a coastal region of the Red Sea near Dahab, Egypt. Gabr took 12 minutes to reach his record-setting depth, and 14 hours (assisted by nine oxygen tanks) to return to the surface.

Dive deep with TestOut CE training!

In 2012, filmmaker James Cameron traveled 6.8 miles down to the floor of the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench. Cameron became the first human to hit the bottom alone — two oceanographers, one Swiss and one American, descended together in 1960 — reaching his destination in 2 hours and 36 minutes before rocketing back to the surface in just 70 minutes.

Gabr's dive did not require a submersible of any sort, while Cameron piloted a tiny one-man submarine described as a "vertical torpedo." Cameron remained at the literal bottom of the ocean for several hours, collecting scientific data. Gabr's watery plunge, one could argue, constituted a different kind of research, rather literally testing the limits of human endurance, poise, and courage.

The expression "deep dive" in a metaphorical sense generally refers to a thorough and painstaking review of a particular subject. One online source went so far as to say that a "deep dive" is characterized by taking its analysis so far as to seem "excessive or unwarranted." You must really be getting into the guts of a topic if an impartial observer might say, "Whoa, settle down. It's not that important."

Here at TestOut Continuing Education, we're serious about the topics covered in our courseware. TestOut training doesn't just skim the surface. We're down there with Ahmed Gabr and James Cameron, getting into the real nuts and bolts of IT, and providing comprehensive review and study materials. Don't just stick your toe in the water. Train for your next IT certification by going beneath the surface.

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