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Don't Make a 300 Error

Posted by TestOut Staff on

In the post-television age of streaming video in which we live, everyone watches everything online. Don't give me "cable channels" this, or "satellite package" that. Come on, people. It's 2018. TV is dead. Everyone watches everything online. If you can't watch all the old episodes on Hulu, or stream it on Amazon Prime, or burn through an entire season in three nights on Netflix, then your show might as well not exist.

Your media is loading.

Of course, the world of streaming video is not all fluffy bunnies and bowls of cherries 100 percent of the time. Even the most committed new-media consumer knows that there are occasional buffering issues, or login snafus, or content availability windows that can wreak havoc with the best-laid plans of weekend (or weeknight) watchers. Netflix, for example has a streaming glitch that affects certain Sony TVs and/or Blu-ray players.

If you have a 70-inch Sony flat-panel television say, or Sony 4K UHD Blu-ray player, then you could cruising along through an episode of Narcos, or right in the middle of a super spooky scene of Stranger Things, and suddenly everything freezes up. Instead of the next breathless scene or line of dialogue, you get a message announcing "Netflix Error 300." Oh no! (Netflix Error 300 is a for-reals actual Netflix error, with a web page and everything.)

All you can do is either swear and break things, or abandon Netflix forever and go live the life of ascetic beekeeping monk in central France. OK, all right, it's not as bad as all that. You could probably go the web page for Netflix Error 300, for example and figure out what to do. Life is too short, however, to spend time regretting errors, and you might be about to wind up regretting a big one if you don't act now and save $300.

That's right: Instead of getting burned by a 300 error, you could get extra cash in your pocket, and a full year's worth of top-caliber training from TestOut Continuing Education. Labor Day is past and gone, but our Labor Day sale doesn't end until Sunday. Act fast, and you can still save $300 when you purchase TestOut CE's Library Suite for just $595. Don't be left kicking small animals and regretting your poor life decisions. Save $300 today!

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