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Extreme Labor Day Savings!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Everyone likes to save money. If you lined up 100 people and told them they could have a delicious cheeseburger for $20 right now, or get the same cheeseburger, just as freshly made and delicious, for $5 by waiting until the next day, well, some of them would probably cough up $20. Because when you gotta eat, you gotta eat. It seems reasonable to predict, on the other hand, that at least 92 or 93 of those folks would wait a day and save the dough.

Righteous deal!

Suppose that you were offered the following choice: Take a Caribbean pleasure cruise today for $7,500. Or wait until next month and take the same cruise, with all of the same accommodations, activities, and stopovers, for a mere $750. It's a no-brainer, right? If we got the same 100 people and asked them all to choose which cruise, they'd all book their tickets next month. Delayed gratification is a sign of mature decision making, right?

Instead of concocting hypotheticals for the next several paragraphs, let's just cut to the chase: Labor Day won't be here for another whole week, but you can get huge savings RIGHT NOW by taking advantage of our special Labor Day promotion. Yup, we're not even asking you to wait and save money, you can save money RIGHT NOW. Of course if you have been waiting, hoping for a sale, then RIGHT NOW is the time to act.

RIGHT NOW you can get the entire TestOut Continuing Education Library Suite for just $595. That's a discount of $300 off the normal price of $895. We're practically giving this thing away at that price! The Library Suite includes access to every single course we offer for one whole year.

Think about it this way: Depending on where you shop, you can easily pay $895 (or $595) for a single online IT course. We're offering you access for an entire year to more than a dozen different courses. In a year's time, a dedicated learner could plow through 4 or 5 them. If you complete 5 courses in a year, then you've only spent $119 per course! That's a steal! Don't wait to see whether something better comes along. This is as good as it gets!

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