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Fear of Commitment

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Advertisers like to work with running themes. Someone has a good idea for a commercial. The finished product seems to strike a chord with consumers. So why reinvent the wheel? It's much easier change a few things here and there and stick with what works. People enjoy familiarity, after all, and we especially like to be reminded of something that made us laugh. Insurance conglomerate GEICO is a master of this model.

One of GEICO's recent campaigns revolves around the line, "I can't believe it." Each commercial begins with one character declaring that he or she "can't believe it." A second person responds by describing this or that outlandish scenario that, it is quickly revealed, the two people are caught up in. The first person then replies that, no, the thing he or she can't believe is how easy is it save a pile of money on insurance with GEICO.

The best possible version of this commercial is the recently debuted TV spot in which the outlandish scenario is a human-sized lobster sharing a hot tub with two newlyweds at a five-star resort. The best line is when the lobster congratulates the happy (if bemused) couple on their nuptials, then conversationally adds that he himself is afraid of commitment: "You know? I'm being boiled alive." It's perfection in 30-second insurance ad.

Somewhat like a freaky giant lobster relaxing in a hot tub, most of us probably feel, at moments, that the demands on our time and abilities are overwhelming. The solution, however, is not to avoid things and try to skate by. Commitment is a vitally important element of human nature. One of the most critical ways that we learn and grow is through committing to start, continue, and finish things. Things like, for example, getting an IT certification.

To pass a certification exam, you have to be willing to commit to a lot. It takes time, patience, practice, energy, mental acuity, and money to pass a certification exam. You have to put both tangible and intangible resources on the line. If you commit and follow through, however, then you end up with skills that can serve you for a lifetime. Don't let the fear or being "boiled alive" (as they say) hold you back. Commitment may seem scary, but the reward is worth the risks.

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