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Finding Your Way to Success

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The No. 1 movie in U.S. theaters this past weekend was Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which kinda makes sense. If there was an actual cure for death, then you'd expect that to be No. 1 on most people's "I gotta find out more about this" list. Of course it would be nice to cure, say, cancer — but death itself? That's gonna win you some hearts and minds.

The Death Cure, naturally, was a long time in coming. It's the third movie in a series that was inspired by some popular young adult novels. The series hatched from the mind of author James Dashner in 2009. The first book in the series, The Maze Runner, had been on the New York Times Best Seller list for 100 weeks when the first movie (also The Maze Runner) hit theaters in 2014.

You can see from looking just at that brief and incomplete timeline that success for The Death Cure didn't come out of nowhere, or happen overnight, even if the masses probably would make an overnight sensation out of an actual cure for death. There was a process involved. Certainly for Dashner, who wrote six other books before hitting on the Maze Runner formula.

The same is true elsewhere in life, including in the IT realm. You can't just buy a ticket for the success train and hop on board. You have to be willing to make sacrifices, plan your time, and commit to the process. Before you can get a cushy IT job with a fat salary, you have to put in the time to learn the basics and then gradually build on that knowledge with each new job or volunteer opportunity.

You need a foundation of knowledge and experience before you can succeed. And that's where TestOut Continuing Education can make a big difference. Our top-quality courseware helps you learn the information and put your knowledge to the test. Nothing really locks in sometimes fuzzy IT concepts like seeing how they work when it comes to practical application.

Remember the next time that you sit down to watch a hit blockbuster movie that every creative endeavor begins with a lot of legwork. Once in a while someone may shorten that step, but nobody ever skips it. If you want to succeed, then you have to be willing to put in the time. Lock in your free seven-day trial of TestOut CE training today and start finding your way through the maze that leads to success..

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