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Forks at the Ready

Posted by TestOut Staff on

There was a big scare in the pancake community earlier this year when International House of Pancakes announced that it had decided to officially change its name to International House of Burgers, making a one-consonant transition from IHOP to IHOB. Rarely has a single letter generated so thunderous an outbreak of hysteria and consternation. A month later, the IHOP braintrust was all, "J/K, LOL, U ppl R so fragile and unequipped to deal with our hilarious marketing stunt."

Mmm, flapjacks!

Was it really a cheap publicity stunt all along, or did the pancake people have a moment of clarity in which they dramatically realized they'd really put their foot in it and quietly reversed an actual corporate directive?  We may never know. What we do know is that today is National Pacake Day, our nation's designated day to celebrate the beloved bread-like breakfast belly-liners and, hey, what do you know, you can still go to everyone's favorite pancake restaurant to partake.

Pancakes have been around since the ancient Greeks developed a habit of starting the day with "tagenias," made from wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk. There are a lot of different words for pancake today, including hotcake, griddle cake, johnnycake, and flapjack, but a hearty wafer of pan-fried dough by any other name would still taste like melted butter and syrup, and the next person to die from eating too much melted butter and syrup will be, OK, probably not the first.

Most pancakes are at least somewhat round, and they are typically served and consumed in stacks. A stack of pancakes, actually, is sort of like the platters in a hard drive, which are also round and stacked. Each platter is a circular disk of aluminum or sometimes a combination of glass and ceramic. There's considerably more to it than that, of course, and if you're interested to know more, then you should consider pursuing a career in IT.

The need to bring more skilled workers into the IT realm is constant. Technology is everywhere, and has become a part of everything, and that means individuals who have solid IT skills are needed anywhere you turn. One place you should turn is to TestOut Continuing Education, where you'll get the best IT training on the market. Then you can go get a job with a great salary, and the next time it's National Pancake Day, you'll be able to eat as many tagenias as you can hold.

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