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Get Ready for the New Security Pro

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The leaves are changing color, an autumn chill is in the air, and there's suddenly football on television almost every day of the week. That must mean that the October-November-December holiday season is nearly upon us, beginning with ghosts and ghouls, and tricks or treats aplenty. Yet even though Halloween is still more than a month away (if only by a couple of days), TestOut has a shiny new treat for everyone in the IT certification realm.

Security Pro Version 6 is here!

Appropriately enough for the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), TestOut is rolling out the newest version of its Security Pro courseware and certification next week. The brand spanking new Security Pro hits on Tuesday, Oct. 3. The date is significant, because it's exactly one day before the release on Oct. 4 of the newest version of Security+, the popular cybersecurity credential managed by IT industry association CompTIA.

As friends of TestOut likely already know, Security Pro and Security+ are somewhat joined at the hip. That's because SecurityPro bears the CompTIA Authorized Quality Content (CAQC) label of approval. So when you train with Security Pro, you're turning a certification double play. First, you'll learn everything you need to know to pass the Security+ certification exam: All you have to do is schedule (and pay for) your CompTIA exam.

Included in the cost of your Security Pro training, however, is TestOut's own Security Pro certification exam. When you pass that exam — and if you take your training seriously, then you will —  you'll earn TestOut's Security Pro certification. It's almost like a certification BOGO. You have to pay ($320) to take the CompTIA exam, but that plus the cost of Security Pro training will get you two cybersecurity credentials, Security Pro and Security+.

The new Security Pro provides 100 percent coverage of the revised Security+ exam objectives, so you won't miss out on anything. You'll get up-to-the-second cybersecurity training, which is essential in the fast-moving cybersecurity realm. That's a huge plus given that skilled cybersecurity professionals are currently in short supply, and potential employers are desperate to hire them.

So from all of us at TestOut Continuing Education, we wish you both a Happy Halloween (four weeks early) and a fruitful National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Celebrate NCSAM by building up your personal cybersecurity awareness with the brand new Security Pro. Get started today for just $79/month!

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