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Give IT Another Go

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Things don't always turn out according to plan. Three years ago, the ruling Scottish National Party in Scotland held a referendum to determine whether Scotland should withdraw from the United Kingdom and pursue its own course as an independent nation. With nearly 85 percent of voters weighing in, independence was rejected in favor of the U.K.-aligned status quo. Today, First Minister of Scotland and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon announced that it's time for a do-over. God-willing (and Parliament-permitting), the Scottish people will have a second chance to say "yes" to independence, sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.

Scotland Forever

Sometimes, an IT certification exam is like the Scottish referendum. It looks like everything is in place to achieve a particular outcome, and then — blam! — you take the exam and, instead of being certified, you're suddenly right back where you started. Instead of paying off, all of your hard work (to say nothing of your nonrefundable exam fee) is up in smoke. We all know that exam failure doesn't have to be a debilitating obstacle to eventual IT certification success. It can be a pretty dispiriting blow, however, especially when you think about everything that you're going to have to do to get back to the exam-day tipping point.

That's one of the benefits of training with TestOut Continuing Education. Our LabSim courseware helps ensure that you both learn and retain IT principles and processes. There are periodic quizzes to see how you're doing. If there are gaps in your understanding, then a handy review is merely a mouse click away. You'll also confront simulations that let you walk through each step involved in completing real-word IT tasks. You'll be learning job-ready skills at the same time that you're preparing to pass a certification exam. How cool is that, right?

Once you've mastered all of the material, however, the real magic kicks in. All of the TestOut CE courses have a killer practice exams feature. You can take a practice exam as many times as you like. You'll be timed and scored, just like on a real certification exam. And the exam bank has so many questions that you won't ever get the exact same practice exam twice. Once you know the material backwards and forwards, you can take the actual exam with confidence — and get it right the first time through.

Do-overs can be a serious pain in the backside in real life. Just ask Nicola Sturgeon. Certification exams are meant to be challenging. No amount of preparation will guarantee success. With TestOut CE courseware and practice exams, however, you'll get the best preparation there is, and you can have as much of it as you want.

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