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Posted by TestOut Staff on

It’s 2018 and, if no one else already has, let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! The coming 12 months are filled with possibilities and it’s a great time to set some goals. Some of my goals include finishing my IT degree, getting regular exercise, and turning the TV off and going to bed earlier.

Tech support

That last one is important because I can’t oversleep — I man the support desk here at TestOut and, rain or shine, work starts at 6 a.m. Working on the support desk beings me into contact with lots of great people who are experiencing a bit of frustration with one or more aspects of their courseware. Typically, I’m able to resolve their problem within a minute or two. (Full disclosure: The best part of my job is when callers say, “Wow! That was easy. Thanks.”)

Truthfully, most of the answers I provide are simple. Partly because I’m good at my job, but mostly because TestOut courseware is well-designed. Still, issues do arise that can cause even the most intelligent user to furrow her (or his) brow and reach for the phone.

There are of course, some issues that a new user or student can’t solve without help, things like needing an activation key, knowing which class to enroll in, and scheduling a certification exam. For those, we’ll direct you back to your instructor or supervisor.

Now, we don’t mind answering any queries you bring our way, but to save you time, and save your brow from excessive furrowing, here are the four most common queries we receive and advice on how you can resolve them on your own:

How do I navigate the website? Our site is designed to make navigation smooth, but if you feel uncertain, just click. There isn’t anything you can “break” by clicking links and besides, you always have the "back" button on your browser.

How do I add an activation, or change my password? We’ve included icons that are easy to understand and use on the account page. Just use the drop-down menu under your name, select “My Profile,” and click the “+ Add” button. Again, don’t be afraid to click. You can’t break anything, and in the off-chance that you truly fear you might, there is that handy "back" button.

Where do I find my scores? Click on “My Products” and you’ll see a list of which courses you are enrolled in. On the right side of the course listing is the “Reports” button. Click on that and it will show the different reports available. Select which report you want to view by clicking the “Run” button.

Why is LabSim so slow/unresponsive? This query is more frequent than you might imagine. Sadly, there isn’t anything we can do on our end to help. Internet connectivity speeds are different for everyone, and it is not just the advertised speed of your ISP that determines signal strength. If someone is in the house streaming movies while you are doing homework, then you’re sharing bandwidth — and that slows down connectivity. Your personal computer specifications may also affect the speed of your online experience.

Whether you are an old hand or a first-timer at working with TestOut courseware, you can be assured that you have chosen the best available. I can promise that our courseware will help you gain proficiency in whatever subject you choose and advance in your career. Just as it has helped me in my career and education, you can count on it helping you.

If you still have an issue and need to contact us, we are here for you. My compatriots and I appreciate your calls because ... well, it keeps us gainfully employed and enables us to pay our bills and fund our unusual, and at times, questionable hobbies. (The less said about vintage limbo sticks and ferret-legging the better.)     

Good luck in your certification journey, and in all you attempt in 2018!

Steve BurninghamAbout the AuthorSteve Burningham is a support tech for TestOut. He was recently invited to sit on a commission to determine whether permitting skinny jeans at ferret-legging competitions would pose a greater danger to contestants or to the ferrets.

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