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Hit the Suite Spot

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Buffet-style dining doesn't always hit the spot. Sometimes you want just one thing and you know what it is. When you're in the mood for steak and potatoes, then it's not particularly helpful, and doesn't really enhance your experience in any way, to also have a nice cheesy lasagna, or a sumptuous green bean casserole available. You're only going to eat the steak and potatoes, so why pay for anything else?

Belly up to the buffet.

On the other hand, you don't always know what you're in the mood for until you see it. And sometimes there's not just one particular thing that you'll find satisfying. That's when you want to be able to pick and choose. You want to see what's available, try a bite or two of several things, and then go back for the thing that really hit the spot. That's when you make a reservation to eat out at your favorite buffet.

IT training can be sort of the same way. Sometimes you know exactly what you want, and it doesn't make sense to pay for more than that one thing. Other times, however, you only know that you need to start somewhere. You don't know for certain exactly which direction you'll take eventually. When that happens, it's helpful to be able to experiment and try to find the one thing that you're really looking for.

You have a lot of options when you train with TestOut Continuing Education. If you aren't sure what to choose, however, then it can be really helpful to have access to the Library Suite. That includes every course we offer, and your access is good for an entire year. Plenty of time to play around, test out different options, and zero in on the one direction that you really want to pursue.

The Library Suite has another subtle advantage: Most of our training is for entry-level, foundational IT certifications that help you build a broad base of knowledge and skills. With the Library Suite, you can combine three or four courses and get certified in all of them. Suddenly, you have multiple career paths open to you. There's a Suite Deal available right now. Take advantage, and lock yourself into a fistful of possibilities!

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