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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... LabSim?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

All of us here at TestOut Continuing Education are big fans of LabSim, the training platform that supports all of our certification and training courses. To us, LabSim is sort of like Superman or Wonder Woman. Maybe it's not from a far-off dead planet, or a hidden Amazonian island. It does have more or less magical superpowers, on the other hand, and it is dedicated to protecting mere mortals (from humdrum and ineffective certification training), and serving their interests (by providing them with a fantastic educational experience).

Holding Out for a Hero

We know LabSim well, of course. We hang out with LabSim every day. We've seen it dash into a phone booth, shuck off its everyday disguise, and leap a tall building (in a single bound, of course) on the way to provide unmatched excellence in IT training to yet another frustrated and stymied learner. Just the other day we hopped into the invisible jet to ride along as LabSim went hurtling through the skies on another mission to enlighten and educate.

Because LabSim is so familiar to us, however, we sometimes forget that many of you out there don't know it as well as we do, or even know it at all. You might not know, for example, that LabSim takes $35,000 worth of hardware, makes it virtual, and puts all of that technology right at your fingertips. LabSim users can "get their hands dirty" (so to speak) and play around with "actual" equipment without ever putting real hardware at risk.

LabSim puts users face-to-face with instructors who give step-by-step instructions and explanations of IT processes and operations. Then the learner gets to actually walk through what they've learned. Instead of just telling you how a PC is assembled, LabSim lets you actually put one together, including selecting the proper components to meet requested specifications. Doing actual IT work, in other words, the way you would at a real IT job.

There's more to it, but rather than having us lay it all out there for you, why not just watch this informative YouTube video? It's making a pitch specifically to IT instructors who are considering using LabSim in their classrooms, but there's still a lot of good information that applies to everyone who is a potential LabSim user:

You don't have to fight your IT certification battles alone. Get training from TestOut Continuing Education today, and you'll have a superhero on your side!

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