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Posted by TestOut Staff on

Coming up on Friday, it will be Take a Hike Day, sometimes also known as National Take a Hike Day here in the United States. With many of the various official and unofficial days that crowd the calendar from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, it's sometimes difficult to know what to do, or how to behave, to participate in the day to the fullest extent intended by its organizers. We may feel the noble impulse to take part, but we're uncertain of how to proceed.

Do you know what day it is?

Take, for example, Push Button Phone Day on Nov. 18, or Sadie Hawkins Day on Nov. 13. (Honest to Goodness, hand on the Bible, none of this stuff is made up, BTW.) (Neither is BTW Day on May 18, although it's not what you're thinking. That's Bike to Work Day.) (Although you'd probably have believed us if we'd told you that it was really Buy a Tacky Wristwatch Day.) Where were we?

Ah, yes. Sometimes it's hard to know what you should do to take part. What are you really going to do on Push Button Phone Day that doesn't already happen — make a phone call, for example — on more or less every other day of the year? And it's probably great that there's a Sadie Hawkins Day, if you're a woman who'd like to make some sort of romantic proposal to a man, but are super cautious about acting out of turn. What about everyone else?

So it's nice when something like Take a Hike Day comes along. You don't have to participate, of course, But if you want to be involved, really get in the spirit of things, well, then there's not much mystery about what to do, is there? Find a trail and take a hike. Get out there in the wilderness and stretch your legs a bit. Pack some snacks and water, and probably a jacket, and maybe even a change of socks, and go see something beautiful.

Days that come with instructions right there in the name of the day are the best. You don't need anyone to tell you what to do on Buy Nothing Day (Nov. 24), for example, or Men Make Dinner Day (Nov. 2). Here's another fine example: Get Started on Your Next IT Certification Day. See? It's easy. You pick out some training materials and get started on your next IT certification day.

Now you may have noticed that we didn't specify the date of Get Started on Your Next IT Certification Day. Does anyone out there know the calendar date of Get Started on Your Next IT Certification Day? Trick question! There is no calendar date. Every day is Get Started on Your Next IT Certification Day! So now you know a) exactly what to do, and b) what day to do it. What are you waiting for? Celebrate Get Started on Your Next IT Certification Day today!

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