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Posted by TestOut Staff on

The dog days of summer are about to be replaced by the cool nights and changing leaves of autumn. The baseball season, however, is still rolling forth, with games continuing through the end of September. The Boston Red Sox have more wins (93) than any other team in baseball at the moment, though the rival New York Yankees are hanging in there and actually have more wins (82) than any team but the Red Sox.

It's hard to get to 300.

Speaking of having a lot of wins, one of the loftier aspirations that any baseball player can have is for a pitcher to join the legendary "300 Club." Only 24 pitchers have ever completed a career with 300 or more total wins, with the most recent pitcher to notch a milestone 300th victory being Randy Johnson. The Big Unit (one of the tallest baseball players ever at 6 feet 10 inches) officially retired in 2010 with 303 career Ws.

Among active pitchers, nobody is even close. Bartolo "Big Sexy" Colón, who plays for the Texas Rangers, has 247 career wins, but is also the oldest player in baseball at age 45 and could literally retire at any minute. Yankees hurler Carsten Charles "CC" Sabathia Jr. has 244 career wins and, at age 38, could conceivably play a few more seasons. The only other guy who even has 200 wins under his belt is Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander.

Verlander, who's only 35, got his 200th win Aug. 19. Of the three active pitchers with 200 or more wins, he almost inarguably has the best shot at someday getting to win No. 300. If he plays six more seasons and averages 15 wins a season, he'll get there by age 41. At this point, that's probably a huge question mark. What's not a huge question mark, however, is that you could join the 300 club today, without even picking up a baseball.

That's because we here at TestOut Continuing Education are still offering a sensational Labor Day deal on our Library Suite training and certification package. The Library Suite gives you access to every training course we offer for an entire year. The usual price is $895, but we're offering the special Labor Day price of $595 until Sept. 9. Sign up today, save big — $300! — and you'll be an unofficial member of our own 300 club.

It's hard to get to 300 in life. Maybe a little harder if you're a Major League Baseball pitcher than if you're just a savvy shopper with aspirations of IT greatness. The Labor Day sale won't last forever, on the other hand, and it's not every day that can just stroll on up to the cash register and get a $300 discount off the purchase price of whatever it is you're buying. Don't delay! Join TestOut CE's unofficial 300 club today.

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