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Know Your Blowouts

Posted by TestOut Staff on

What do you think of when you hear the word "blowout?" Every person doesn't have the same mental image, and that's entirely understandable. There are, according to most standard English dictionaries, at least six different meanings of "blowout."

Tire blowout

For example, the definition given first typically involves the automotive meaning of "blowout," which generally refers to a punctured or ruptured tire. Nobody likes to have a blowout on the way to grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner! Also associated with this meaning of blowout are excitable outbursts (as from an individual or individuals), explosive outpourings of oil or gas (as from a well), and electrical meltdowns (as of a fuse).

Another common definition involves the competitive meaning of "blowout," as in a sports victory or electoral landslide. Nobody likes to see their favorite team on the wrong side of a blowout win, like when the Pittsburgh Steelers recently beat the Indianapolis Colts 28-7. That kind of blowout can be even more devastating than an ill-timed flat tire.

Both of those blowouts, you may have noticed, often carry a negative connotation. (Although anyone who watches sports avidly probably enjoys being on the winning side of an occasional sports blowout.) So it's certainly understandable that some might not immediately think of a blowout as being a cause for excitement and celebration.

Here at TestOut Continuing Education, however, we want you to get excited about our Year-End Blowout promotion — which brings up yet another meaning of "blowout," the one that generally refers to some sort of sale or bargain. Everybody likes to save money by taking advantage of the latest blowout sale.

Our TestOut blowout is a doozy, too, a one-of-a-kind certification savings events that will knock your socks off. (Unless you aren't wearing any socks, in which case, what is the matter with you?! It's freezing outside and there's snow everywhere. Put on some socks.) (Unless you live in California, that is, or maybe the entire Southern Hemisphere, in which case, yeah, socks are optional). You can get access to 15 training courses for one whole year for just $595, down from the regular price of $895. That's a savings of $300!

It's not just about the money, of course: TestOut training is the best of its kind, and if you act now, then you could be on the way to earning more than a dozen certifications by the time that your one-year subscription expires. Imagine the impact that could have on your IT career! Don't let the Year-End Blowout pass you by. This is one blowout you definitely won't be dismayed by.

NOTE: The other common definitions of blowout are a "large or lavish meal or social gathering," "an act or instance of blow-drying hair," and "a hollow eroded by the wind." So now you know. And knowing's half the battle.

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