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Know Your National Days

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It's been a busy past couple of weeks here at TestOut Continuing Education and Proper Observance of Special Occasions Central. Just last Friday alone brought us the annual commemorations of National Nail Polish Day, National Olive Day, National Go Barefoot Day, National Penpal Day, National Hazelnut Cake Day, and, for the benefit of those a little too enthusiastic in their snarfage of hazelnut cake and olives, National Heimlich Maneuver Day.

Have some cheese!

We didn't even mention National Say Something Nice Day — which really ought to be held in conjunction with National Don't Say Anything At All Day, for the benefit of those who can't participate — National Leave the Office Early Day (technically June 2, unless June 2 falls on a weekend), and National Doughnut Day, which is actually the first Friday in June, but guess what, that was June 1 this year! (Olives, hazelnut cake, and doughnuts: What a smorgasbord!)

We all have a bit of a breather today, June 4, which is National SAFE Day (it's about firearm safety, which makes it easily the least frivolous and most important/impactful of June's many national days), National Old Maid's Day, National Cheese Day, and National Cognac Day. Cheese and ... cognac? Not wine? This is almost as confusing as tomorrow (June 5), which is National Veggie Burger Day, National Gingerbread Day, and National Moonshine Day.

At any rate, we've been feeling a bit underserved by June 4, which barely has four things to celebrate, and June 5, which only has two, given that everyone knows veggie burgers are a weird made-up construct forced on the universe by people who don't like beef but can't just agree to let everyone else have their fun. That's why we're pumping up the festivities by adding National Library Suite Day to the roster of observances.

National Library Suite Day is simple. It's the day that you decide to invest in yourself and your future by buying the Library Suite and jumping into the world of IT certification with both feet! Best of all, you can celebrate on June 4, which is National Library Suite Day, or on June 5, which is National Library Suite Day (Observed). (See what we did there?) So have some cheese and cognac — or some gingerbread and moonshine — and change your future.

Celebrate National Library Suite Day by taking a bold step and purchasing the best IT certification training money can buy!

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