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Be Patient and Persistent

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The NBA draft will be taking place on Thursday and, as you may have noticed from past installments of the IT Insights blog, there are a lot of NBA fans around the office. Many of us will be watching or listening with interest, hoping to see (or hear) our favorite team draft a coveted college basketball star, or swing a big draft night deal, or grab some prospects for the local NBA G League team, or at least find a EuroLeague guy with an unpronounceable name who will maybe be ready to come over in a couple of seasons from now.

Be patient with your IT career.

Some teams, such as the recently crowned league champion Golden State Warriors, don't have any major needs on draft night, and other teams don't have the assets, salary cap flexibility, or actual picks to make much noise. Most NBA teams, however, will be angling to make something happen that's either big, or at least medium-sized. And that means that there will be many a frantic phone call as the draft unfolds.

The teams that are likely to come off best in this game of frantic wheeling and dealing are the ones that are prepared. Some of them have multiple picks at their disposal, both in this draft and future drafts. Others, like the Utah Jazz, have smartly managed player salaries and have a great deal of financial flexibility with which to facilitate their own designs, or get involved in other trades as an asset-reaping third party.

Managing your IT career may not be as exciting or glamorous as managing an NBA basketball franchise, but some of the same principals apply. For example, you financial assets are limited, and you must manage them carefully to get maximum return. Certification exams can be expensive, so it's good to weigh financial constraints when choosing a certification path. You should also always be looking for sales, vouchers, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid to assist you in furthering your ambitions.

And just as patience is required in building an NBA team, don't try to get everything done all in a rush with your training and certification efforts. The best NBA teams often develop talented players for several years before those players really settle in and lead their teams to glory. Don't rush from one stage to the next. Take the time you need to study and learn effectively as you climb your own personal career ladder.

Every NBA team hopes to kill it on draft night and make that one key pick or big trade that brings instant success and acclaim. The best teams, thought, know that success requires planning, patience, and persistence. If you approach your IT career with those same principles in mind, then you are sure to find your own success.

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