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Make Your Own Magic

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Sometimes in professional sports there's a moment so exciting that it transcends mere fandom. And in the information age, you don't even need to be there to appreciate the drama and the chills. Such a moment was bequeathed to us all at the end of yesterday's game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. Here at the IT Insights Blog, we don't really even follow the NFL (except for on Super Bowl Sunday), and we still got chills watching it this morning.

Trailing by 5 points, Miami had the ball at its own 31-yard line with 7 seconds on the game clock. Basically enough time to run one play ... that needed to cover 69 yards to have a meaningful impact on the game. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill takes the snap, completes a 15-yard pass to Kenny Stills, and the game more or less should have ended right there. Except that Stills manages to avoid getting tackled long enough to pitch the ball to teammate Davante Parker. And then ...

And then is what Dolphins fans will gleefully remember for years to come, while Patriots fans are certain to bristle whenever the "Miracle in Miami" is mentioned. If you haven't seen the play, check out the YouTube clip embedded above. It includes several live calls of Tannehill's desperation heave, but we've synced it so that you'll hear New England radio play-by-play guy Bob Socci, who does the best job by a mile. ("He's gonna win the footrace to the end zone!")

Some of you may be wonder what any of this has to do with IT training and certification, which is a fair question to ask. The point is that, in sports, sometimes a crazy play will come together out of nothing and turn agony into ecstasy. After the fact, athletes will usually tell reporters that they run plays like that all the time practice. Whatever. Sure, everyone knows about keeping a play alive if you can, but only crazy stupid luck really seals the deal.

When it comes to certification, of course, you can't really count on crazy stupid luck to bail you out when it's time for the exam. The good news is that if you use the right study and training products, and you spend the time needed to acquire knowledge and skills, then you won't have to get crazy stupid lucky in order to succeed. There's no better feeling than sitting down to take the exam confident that you're well prepared. Not even winning a football game on a dramatic final play.

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