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Massive Year-End Savings!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

What goes together better than chocolate and peanut butter? Psych! It's a trick question. Nothing goes together better than chocolate and peanut butter, son. Even peanut butter and apples, or peanut butter and bread with jam (or jelly) on it, or Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T in a boxing ring, or cheese and pepperoni on a pizza crust, or maple-glazed donuts and bacon bits — nope. None of that goes together better than peanut butter and chocolate.

That's a pretty Suite deal!

If we had to pick one thing, however, that's pretty darn close to being as wham-bam a combo as peanut butter and chocolate, it would be TestOut Continuing Education and sweet savings! If you want to get certified, then there are a lot of training providers out there who would be happy to help. None of those people, however, offer the best IT training and certification online courseware that money can buy.

That might be our biggest advantage here at TestOut CE. Not only is our online courseware second to none, however, but we really, really love to help you save money when you purchase a subscription. We aren't just whistlin' "Dixie," either. Just last week, we wrapped up our huge Black Friday promotion, where we invited everyone to practically rob us blind by paying only $1 for the first month of any IT training course. Have we lost our minds?

So it would seem, since we didn't even let an entire week pass before kicking off our latest and greatest promotion of 2017! Here's the deal: TestOut CE offers more than a dozen individual IT training courses, each of which leads to its own TestOut Pro certification, and each of which prepares you to pass a corresponding certification from CompTIA, Cisco, or Microsoft. That's pretty awesome value when we sell it for the normal price.

From now until the end of 2017, however, you can get 1-year access to EVERY COURSE we offer for just $495. That's a discount of $400 off the normal price ($895). We call it our Library Suite, and there's enough training there for a committed learner to stay busy for months. Ideally for 12 months, right? Don't hesitate, because this sweet, sweet IT savings is only available for a limited time.

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