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Meet Us in Salt Lake City

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It was poet, biographer, and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Sandberg who wrote, "Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come," a charming witticism that has echoed down through the ages. Here at TestOut Continuing Education, we enjoy a piquant commentary as much as the next bystander to history. We have also felt the sting, in recent weeks, of the commonplace social anxiety that Sandberg tweaked for his enduring (and endearing) turn of phrase.

Come See Us in SLC

That's because we've been in the planning stages, for several months now, of our own little gathering — and hope-for-the-best, plan-for-the-worst pragmatism can only get you so far down the road to acceptance and tranquility. To paraphrase what that one guy said in that one song from that one band, we want you to want us. Or, you know, at least want to come to the little technology education career development shindig that we've been putting so much time into putting together.

In some ways, the Experience Conference, which will run July 9-12 in Salt Lake City, Utah (a few miles up the road from TestOut HQ), is similar in scope and content every other technology education career development shindig that is out there. We'll have various speakers and presenters from the technology education community. There will be receptions and lunches. We'll walk through some detailed demonstration of TestOut products, including two new training and certification courses.

In some other ways, however, the Experience Conference is anything but typical. Following the vision of our founder and CEO, Noel Vallejo, we've done our best to create an event that will make you feel like you've turned up at a family reunion. Sure, there may be a business meeting for the adults in the family, but the main point is to see everyone else there, catch up with old friends, swap stories, and just generally enjoy sharing the things that everybody has in common.

That doesn't mean that you should stay away if we've never done business with you before, of course. We love meeting new people who have a strong interest in technology training and welcoming them to the TestOut family. You have to register to attend, and there are various fees involved (mostly registration, lodging, and travel to and from the conference), but we've gone out of our way to make you feel welcome. Come see us and we promise you won't walk away disappointed.

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