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'My Name is David Pierre'

Posted by TestOut Staff on

One of the most rewarding things about working in information technology certification is observing the effects of the well-worn truism that knowledge is power. Power to change your circumstances. Power to rise above whatever challenging circumstances you may find yourself in. Power to discover, or simply create, a path to a better life. Knowledge is power, and certification helps you increase your stockpile of knowledge.

We're in a reflective frame of mind today because of a tweet that originated with the main CompTIA Twitter account. This particular tweet sort of encapsulates everything that is cool about helping people acquire more knowledge and then seeing that knowledge improve their condition in life. It's the kind of nutshell summary that makes you want to do a better job at being whoever you are and doing whatever you do.

On some level, aren't we all David Pierre? No matter where we come from, or what we look like, or whether or not anyone else is depending on us to succeed, every person out there is trying to figure stuff out, and get things done, and make life a little better. One day at a time. That's how greatness happens. You succeed at something, and then you move forward and build on that success. One accomplishment leads to the next.

Certification is like that. All it takes is a little determination, a little patience, and a little hard work. Put all of that together, and after a while all of those little contributions start to add up to something big. Don't be intimidated by the seeming largeness or apparent complexity of certification. You can do this. We are all David Pierre. And each of us can harness the power of knowledge to make the path forward smoother and less steep.

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