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Get More with New Desktop Pro Plus

Posted by TestOut Staff on

If you look up the word "muchness" in any dictionary, the definition given will probably be something along these lines: "greatness, as in quantity, measure, or degree." (Thanks,!) You also may see the word described as being "Archaic," and/or given some other notation to signify that it doesn't get a whole lot of use in 2018. That seems like a shame. Don't we all need to get a little more muchness out of life?

Get more out of your IT!

Hamlet, Shakespeare's melancholy prince of Denmark, opines that death is a "consummation devoutly to be wished," which is pretty darn morbid and depressing when you think about it. What if, on the other hand, good ol' Hambone had said the same thing about muchness? Now there's something worth wishing for, right? We can't think of anything that would not be improved by a higher degree of greatness.

We're on a muchness kick this week because TestOut is trumpeting the news of the company's latest and greatest certification and training update. Desktop Pro Plus, which provides training for anyone seeking Microsoft Office Specialist certification, and also prepares individuals to achieve TestOut's own Desktop Pro credential, has just been overhauled. The new version of Desktop Pro Plus launched on July 16.

Think of all the workplace settings where you need to know how to use the tools in the Microsoft Office (or Office 365) productivity suite. We're talking about Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. These are the micro-engines of the information economy, the tiny little drivers that help office workers accomplish thousands of different tasks every day. She (or he) who masters Microsoft Office gains some truly useful skills indeed.

Desktop Pro Plus had a whole lot of Microsoft Office training and certification muchness already, but now we've gone and made it better than ever. Desktop Pro Plus 5.0 makes attaining Microsoft Office mastery a snap! Some IT certifications prepare you for a very specific job role. Knowing the ins and outs of Office prepares you to be more productive in hundreds of different settings. Start training today and maximize your muchness!

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