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One Thing After Another

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It may be true that good things come in threes. Bad things, on the other hand, often don't limit themselves to an arbitrary numeric procession. They just keep coming. Hurricane Harvey just hammered the Gulf Coast of Texas for several days, causing catastrophic flooding in the city of Houston and surrounding areas. Meanwhile, far out to sea in the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Irma has now swirled up into a Category 3 monster with 115 mph winds.

Hurricane evacuation route

Over the past few years, the general state of IT security has often seemed like a relentless storm season. No matter how troublesome and destructive the current cybercalamity becomes, there's always something ominous lurking on the horizon. Unlike with hurricanes, however, we don't really have any method of delivering advance warning of cyberthreats, and might not know where to look for trouble even if we did.

For the most part, nobody knows that a cyberstorm is brewing until it's already here. There is no computer network equivalent, for example, of evacuating a major city that's in the path of an onrushing weather disaster. Crews of emergency responders can't set up action centers and prepare to direct relief efforts. When a cybersecurity disaster strikes, people generally find out about it either as the damage is occurring, or after it's already been done.

Computer and IT security professionals, then, have to plan as though a breach or attack is imminent at all times. Constant vigilance is the watchword. It's a challenging line of work, and one that currently could use as much new blood as can be found. If you're interested in a career with strong growth potential, competitive salaries, and high job, er, "security" ... well, there aren't many better places to look.

There's also no better place to find top-caliber security training than right here at TestOut Continuing Education. Our CompTIA Security+ training will help you learn the fundamentals of information security inside and out. TestOut's own Security Pro certification is included in the cost of training, and you'll be well prepared to take and pass the Security+ exam, giving you a solid foundation to start your new career.

Bad things are bound to keep coming in the cybersecurity world. TestOutCE training can help you become one of the good guys who holds the line.

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