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Pedal to the Metal

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Technology has made a lot of things simpler, more effective, and more efficient. There are many different ways that all of us benefit from ongoing advances in the functionality and versatility of smartphones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers. When you reflect that the weight of some early computers was measured in tons, it's clear that there's been a great deal of progress.

No matter how small, inexpensive, or awesomely capacious (in terms of data storage, anyway) our various digital devices have gotten, however, there's one area in which most users are never 100 percent satisfied. Particularly when it comes to operations that require data to be transferred from one place to another — streaming a movie, for example — we complain and moan about time.

As in, too much of it is being taken up by our hotly demanded data getting to where we can consume it. At one time or another, each of us has probably felt like Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards in that one movie from the 1980s where they are irresponsible U.S. Navy jet jockeys. You know, like in that scene where they find out that Popsicle (er, it's something like that) has beaten them again:

That's right, folks. We all feel the need for speed. Any of you who have used TestOut Continuing Education's LabSim training tool, for example, have probably at times wished that it could go a little faster. And what's truly cool about that, is — holy smokes, my friends — it can go faster. Thanks to the TestOut tech wizards, we have a handy little tool for LabSim called an "accelerator."

That's right, even if you think LabSim is already pretty slick, and already gets the job done without wasting too much of your time on streaming, well, guess what? That sweet little honey has another gear! You can learn all about it before installing, or just go grab the part, pop the hood, perform a lickety-split install, and — boom! — away you go. Faster IT training than you ever imagined possible.

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