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Pleased to 'Meet' You

Posted by TestOut Staff on

When a political candidate wants to spread whatever message he or she is spreading, as well as meet people, shake hands, and build relationships, the candidate quite often travels from place to place and person to person. Pounding the pavement and pressing the flesh is a time honored approach to disseminating ideas and information and forging important connections with voters.

You can witness this strategy in action by observing any of the literally tens of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls energetically crisscrossing the nation and building support for their various platforms and policy ideas. Just look around: There are almost enough of them to have one candidate for every two U.S. states, so somebody is probably courting votes in your neighborhood as we speak.

Business is often conducted in a similar fashion, with sales representatives following a very similar place-to-place, person-to-person pattern of movement and interaction. Both individual meetings and attendance at trade shows and conferences (the salesperson's equivalent of a political rally) can bear important fruit. The TestOut Continuing Education sales team frequently hits the road.

Technology also makes it possible, however, to give product demonstrations and meet potential customers without ever leaving the home office. Since TestOut products are web-based, online sales presentations are often some of our most effective efforts. Members of Team TestOut can walk through product features in detail, and take time to respond at length to questions from potential customers.

It's great if we host a TestOut product webinar and can engage in live discussion with people who use our IT training and certification courseware. Another cool thing about webinars, however, is that we keep them around, and interested parties can view them after the fact on YouTube. You may not be able to interact directly after the webinar is over, but no one ever really misses a TestOut webinar.

Even savvy politicians know that they can't come close to knocking on every door and shaking every hand. Just like a town hall meeting on CNN or a debate on Fox News, TestOut webinars let us keep on sharing the message and providing information about our products long after our presenters have logged out and everyone else has dropped off the channel.

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