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Quick Before the Hyena Come!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Some of you no doubt live your lives under the mistaken impression that there has never been a sequel to the hugely successful Walt Disney Pictures animated classic The Lion King. And when we say "mistaken," we mean almost willfully ignorant. There have actually been not one, but TWO sequels to The Lion King, and there is currently a Lion King cartoon on the Disney Channel that literally features Rob Lowe as the voice of heroic Simba. Rob Lowe, ladies and gentlemen!

Quick, before the hyena come!

OK, fine, Simba is not the main character of The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, but answer honestly, here: Does that really make you any less interested to hear the voice of Sam Seaborn and Chris Trager coming out of the mouth of an animated lion who ran away from home and became a hippie jungle slacker before getting shamed by his old girlfriend into cowboying up and chasing off his despotic uncle? You can watch episodes on Netflix, by the way. You're welcome.

What we really need to discuss today, however, is not The Lion Guard or even Rob Lowe. That's because today's blog post is all about dissecting the sparkling wit and incisive wisdom of the song "Diggah Tunnah Dance" from The Lion King 1½. That's the, um, borderline watchable second sequel to The Lion King that tells the story of how Timon became Timon. Timon, you surely recall, is the meek meerkat from The Lion King whose giddy philosophizing sets young Simba free.

At any rate, The Lion King 1½ reveals that Timon's tragic youth was who even cares about that anyway, right? We're bored already. The meerkat colony where young Timon came of age, on the other hand, adheres to its own code of living that, should you happen to aurally encounter it, you will not soon be able to unhear. The song is fruity as a nutcake, but it does embrace a single-minded sense of purpose. The meerkats tunnel to find safety, and find safety by tunneling.

That's really about all they do. Their entire governing philosophy, essentially, is basically that life in the savanna is cruel and short, and the only way to be safe is to burrow beneath the surface and stay there. "Life's a tunnel. Dig it!" A career in information technology is neither cruel nor short, but you sometimes can benefit from having a degree of tunnel vision. It's helpful from time to time, especially when certifying, to zero in on the overarching goal and just keep digging.

Life is full of distractions, and even if you're not a small furry mammal at the bottom of the food chain, it can be easy to find yourself at least figuratively terrorized by voracious predators intent on gobbling up your focus and energy. So remember The Lion King 1½ the next time that you're tempted to blow off Getting Stuff Done and let your mind wander into a pack of ravening grassland scavengers. Diggah tunnah. And when you get to your tunnah's end ... hallelujah, let's dig again!

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